Autologous ( Fat transfer to face )


Autologous fat transfer to face is becoming very popular cosmetic surgery procedure among men and women of all ages for facial rejuvenation because of the advantages that it offers over other cosmetic surgery procedures.

Body fat makes excellent soft tissue filler substance and when transferred from areas such as abdomen, thighs and buttocks, it nicelyrecontours the face and fills out depressed and scarred areas. Autologous Fat transfer is also used to reshape or enhance other parts of the body like hands, neck, breast and buttocks. Buttock lift through Autologous fat transfer is a very popular procedure and is popularly known as Brazilian Butt Lift. Another very popular technique is fat transfer breast augmentation for breast enhancement.

Autologous Fat transfer can be done alone or in conjunction with other facial surgical procedures.

It is quite advantageous for you to get autologous fat transfer plastic surgery abroad in India as the cost of autologous fat transfer to face in India is much less as compared to the cost of autologous fat transfer to face cost UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or any other western country for the same quality of services and equally skilled surgeons.

The procedure for autologous fat transfer to face is done as day care procedure and the cost of stay at the hospital/ clinic is a part of the cost quoted to you. Another week in India is required before you can fly back to your country. Thus, a total of eight days are required for autologous fat transfer to face plastic surgery overseas in India. If combined with other body contouring plastic surgery procedures such as Liposuction, Tummy tuck or Breast surgery procedures as Breast augmentation or Breast lift or Breast reduction, you would need about 10 – 14 days in India for the surgery and recovery before you can go back to your country.


If you are man or woman of any age and wish to correct the prominent frown lines, nasolabial folds, static lines, and crow's feet, provide definition to cheeks and chin, add volume to the cheeks, correct thinned and hallowed face, you can opt for Autologous fat transfer to your face. Fat can also be used to enhance the lips, under the eyes, to correct the acne scars.

A good candidate for facial fat grafting is one who is in good health, emotionally stable and has realistic expectations from the procedure. The site being treated must have good blood circulation and enough capillaries and larger blood vessels so that the injected fat cells are nourished and can form their own blood supply. This is a key factor in getting the best and longest lasting results.


The procedure takes about an hour and varies with the how big is the area to be treated, is usually done under local anesthesia with Intra venous sedation. Fat is taken from part the part of the body where it is unwanted like abdomen, thighs or buttocks, treated, filtered and transplanted to areas of the face or body where it is needed.

Using special harvesting and transplantation techniques the fat is transferred to the desired area with minimum trauma to the fat cells. This ensures reliable survival and longer lasting effects of the procedure.

Recovery & Results

You shall be released from the hospital after three to four hours of the procedure with bandage to the donor site. You may face tightness or tenderness in your face and your donor site may be sore.

You would be advised not to wear any makeup for a couple of days and not move the treated area to keep it completely immobilized. The implanted fat cells shall have "better chance" if they remain immobilized.

The results of fat transfer to face are immediate and gratifying. You would feel your face is swollen a little, but that would settle very soon. You would get a fuller youthful and rejuvenated appearance to your face.

Fat transfer to face cosmetic surgery cost

The cost of Autologous fat transfer to face cosmetic surgery varies from patient to patient. A customized quote can be obtained by sending your facial pictures to The cost of autologous fat transfer to face in India also depends upon the skill and experience of the surgeon, facility and city where you are undergoing the procedure.

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